49 years of Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Monty python collage

About a decade ago, Terry Jones, one of the legendary Monty Python Flying Circus members, said: “I am surprised that we’re still talking about it 40 years later.”

It is 2018, and we still talking about Monty Python. Can you see yourself watching it and talking about it 10 years from now, 20, or more? We can.

On this day, May 11th, 1969, Monty Python Flying Circus was formed, and although Theatre of the Absurd and the humour that goes with it have existed for a long time, we still got something completely different.

It wasn’t easy to present something quiet unique and experimental as Monty Python Flying Circus. No wonder – if we were them, we would also ask ourselves if it would actually hit the goal of making people laugh.

It’s understandable that John Cleese asked Mike Palin: “Do you realise, Mikey, we might be doing the first comedy that nobody ever laughs at?”

Seriously, the ragged man, played by Mike Palin, coming out of the sea or jungle and says: “It’s.” Can you precisely answer what’s funny about that? We can’t, but its’ hilarious! Most of Pythons’ sketches are related to some anomalies in society, politics, real life, but for the most part we can only say admit – once again – that we don’t know what’s funny about that, but LMAO!

The knights who say NI and demand a shrubbery? ROFL.

We take this day to be a holiday. Join us if you wish.

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