Moby Dick hit the screens 61 years ago

Gregory Peck played Ahab alongside Richard Basehart as Ishmael. The adaptation of a book into a film script was done by none other than a man who was a famous writer in his own right – Ray Bradbury.

Directed by John Huston, this film had its premiere on this day, in 1956.

The film turned into life the famous novel by Herman Melville.

His “Moby-Dick” or, “The Whale” is considered one of the greatest American novels. It was actually dedicated to Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story is pretty straightforward at its core, and it’s based on a true story about a hard-to-catch albino whale, Mocha Dick. So, the plot is centred about the story told by sailor Ishmael, about the quest of Captain Ahab to find the great white whale, Moby Dick. It’s not only the profit that Ahab seeks, but also the revenge, as Moby Dick had bit off a part of Ahab’s leg.

The novel wasn’t a commercial success and its reputation of “a great American novel” saw the light of day in the 20th century (Melville wrote the book in 1851).

The novel is rightly considered one of the greatest ever written in English, and Huston’s film is a more than worthy adaptation.

As Melville sayeth, so it is. “It is not down on any map; true places never are.”

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