Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Pandora Peroxide

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Episode 1: Pandora Peroxide

Pandora Peroxide Cosmic Mixtape

Pandora Peroxide is this week’s guest on Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape

Hey there! Welcome to the first in what is meant to be at least a semi-regular feature… Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape. It’s meant to be a nice n’ easy concept to follow, but hey, this is about rock stars, so let’s not take anything for granted just yet…

So let’s get you up to speed. Guests have just gotta choose someone to make a mixtape for and the 12 to 16 tracks to put on it. Anyone they like and from any point in time. Alive, dead or even undead. Someone they know or someone they didn’t. Famous, infamous or anonymous. Up to them. You get the picture, kinda like Desert Island Discs but for someone else. I’ll try to get a bit more information out of them along that way about making mixtapes and why they chose the person and the tracks, but these are rock n’ roll outlaws or summat, so don’t hold your breath. I’ll then upload their answers and turn their Cosmic Mixtape into a Spotify playlist.

First up to agonise over their selection is the original “Rock Bitch”. The chain smokin’, Jack Daniels’ guzzlin’, leather trouser wearin’ pal of LemmyPandora Peroxide with here festive Merry Bitchmas selection.

Hey, Pandora, so you is the tape for?

The mix is dedicated to MEEEEE! No artwork, just hastily scrawled song titles in smudgy blue biro. Classic!

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OK… not what I was expecting. Not sending it to your pals Blaze or Lemmy?

How about I take Lemmy to see Kiss cos it’s Kissmas? Gene would totally give me a ‘plus one‘.

So when are you givin’ it to errr… yourself?

This Merry Bitchmas Mixtape is for me, me, me and me. I can give it to myself at any Christmas in time because I’m that special. I will send it to myself, wrapped up with a black and silver bow, with a bottle of Jack to enjoy it with!

Did you have any rules for making the perfect mix tape?

Rules!? I don’t do rules! The only rule for compiling my festive faves, was, that the songs had to make me jingle or tingle.


Well, That was a bit shorter than expected, but Pandora’s a busy lady. Probably off to give some poor unfortunate zillionaire rockstar a hard time. Anyway, here is Pandorda Peroxide / Auntie P’s Merry Bitchmas Mixtape and we hope if provides to you plenty of festive cheer.



Side One

ACE FREHLEY – Snow Blind
THE POGUESFairytale Of New York
PAUL DI’ANNO – White Christmas
SLADE – Merry Xmas Everybody
THE RAMONES – (Merry Christmas)I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight
LEMMY (with Billy Gibbons and Dave Grohl) – Run Rudolph Run
THE GREEDIES – Merry Christmas

Side two

THE KINKS – Father Christmas
ANGEL – The Winter Song
CHEAP TRICK – I Wish It Was Christmas Today
WIZZARD – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
ALIEN SEX FIEND – Stuff The Turkey

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