45 years ago, Marlon Brando got Golden Globe for his role in The Godfather

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On this day, 45 years ago, the great actor Marlon Brando got an offer he couldn’t refuse. (Or could he?) Namely, on the 30th Golden Globes ceremony, he got the Best Actor award, thanks to the legendary Vito Corleone, whom he impersonated in The Godfather. The first part, of course.

(Are there more? Oh yeah, there’s the second. As for the third, let’s not talk about it.)

Francis Ford Coppola’s movie has been one of the most watched movies of all time. Back then, in 1973, The Godfather had seven Golden Globes nominations, and scored five of them.

Brando didn’t show up on the ceremony to receive his well-deserved award. Never mind. Although people undoubtedly wanted to see the legend himself, the fact is that we can feel his presence even now when he is not with us anymore, so we are sure people could feel the same that night at the Century Plaza Hotel.

Later that year, he didn’t show up at the Academy Award ceremony either. He decided to take that opportunity to show his dissatisfaction with the depiction of American Indians by Hollywood, so he sent an American Indian Rights Activist to represent him.

Such a grand gesture! A great actor and a great man.

We might as well use this occasion to recall some of the most memorable scenes from the movie. All of them feature Don Vito, of course. Take a look at them; this is an offer you can’t refuse.

No, let’s just go to the beginning…

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He was a remarkable character even without the tuxedo, you know.

The list could become too long, so… just watch the movie. Again. You know it’s worth re-watching.

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