Looking back at the Reservoir Dogsâ’ soundtrack

Quick, whatâ’s your favorite movie? It might not be Reservoir Dogs (unless you were an “alternative” teenage boy in the ‘90s â” then itâ’s a mandatory pick) but it should at least land somewhere in your top ten for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the soundtrack.

Tarantinoâ’s identity as a director has always been wrapped up music, specifically those bargain- basement, crate-diggerâ’s finds, meant to instill a certain sense of off-hand cool into his most iconic moments: Mia Wallace twisting on the dance floor to Chuck Berry; and in Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Blond gleefully singing along to a Dylanesque toe-tapper as he prepares to mutilate his unfortunate victim.

The song â” Stealers Wheelâ’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” â” has gained a certain amount of notoriety through the years, thanks in no small part to Tarantinoâ’s judicious use of it during the now-notorious ear-slicing scene. The scene was responsible for controversy during Reservoir Dogsâ’ initial festival run; there were reports of walk-outs, audience members responding to their perception of Tarantinoâ’s “hyper-violence.” In fact, the scene isnâ’t so much gory as it is perverse. Michael Madsenâ’s cheerful dancing set to an upbeat ditty amidst the gore creates an uncomfortable dissonance for the viewer â” an experience that we enjoy, that we can hum along to, but one that also makes us complicit in the violence.

“Stuck in the Middle with You” is now irrevocably linked with sadism. But it, and rest of the movie ┠peppered with more music and TV references than you could shake a stick at ┠promised a new kind of action flick, one that could be ineffably cool and devastatingly nerdy at the same time. It gave smart-mouthed kids, sick of the latest Van Damme release, a chance to get in on the fun. Just by watching ┠and listening ┠we all felt a little cooler.

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