Lilyhammer – The Sopranos meets Scandi Noir

As the first original content commissioned by Netflix, Lilyhammer changed the face of television forever (along with making a great pub quiz question). Without the trail blazed my Lilyhammer then would we ever have seen House of Cards, Orange is the New Black or Better Call Saul? But it is not just it’s place as the first out of the blocks that it will be remembered for. It is also one of the most creative TV shows of the Netflix era. Simple, low key, funny and beautifully cast. It was also smart enough to cast it to ensure a ready made fanbase thanks to Steve Van Zandt as Netflix knew Sopranos fans would never be able to pass on a bit more Silvio, while his tenure as Bruce Springsteen’s right hand man means Tramps from New Jersey to New Zealand were always going to tune in. Sure, it’s style may not be to everyone’s taste and it’s humour lost on those more used to in your face laughs, but that doesn’t stop it being a great ride

It took real balls to green light Lilyhammer and whichever exec did so needs to be bought a drink at the Flamingo.

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