Liam Gallagher’s “As You Were” – from “Oasis” to a solo

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Liam Gallagher As You Were

A few months ago, Liam Gallagher announced his first solo album and gave us the opportunity to hear his single “Wall of Glasses”. It was a good track, but surely none of us really held out much hope that the album would have anything to hold us throughout.

A couple of days ago, on October 6th, “As you were” was finally released. Yeah, of course, it is shi… what? Hold on a minute. This ain’t Liam Gallagher? Nah. Noel is the talented one, Liam just stands about looking good and gobbing off. Must have put on the wrong album. No, right album. Surely the next track will be a return to mediocrity. Damn, that’s really good too. And the next one and the next one and the next one and the one after that. Stop it. What’s wrong with the universe?

Hell, the whole thing is *whispers* bloody fantastic. It’s the best Oasis expanded universe album since (What’s The Story) Morning Glory. And after the drivel of Beady Eye, we were backing Bonehead over Liam to deliver.

Let’s not talk about “Oasis”…

But it’s difficult not to. It was once said that Oasis is what happens when you have two brothers but only one has any talent, yet they both know it. Harsh? Well until a few days ago I’d have agreed to a point. Yes, Liam was a tool, but that’s what made them great. Sure he lacks the obvious musical talent of Noel, but without that the swagger and belief that he was a genuine, once in a generation rock n roll superstar they’d have just been Shed Seven. That’s what made them great.

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Vice, voice, and talent

Even the critics, who like us, had already written the reviews in their heads had to open up to As You Were “I honestly don’t think he has ever sung as well as he sings here. He remains very direct, with an intense attack on each lyric, but there is real melodiousness in his movement over chord changes, a lovely smoothness in the way his voice stretches into long, drawn-out fluctuations, and a new tenderness in his very sweet falsetto,” writes Neil McCormick for “The Telegraph”. (If you’re interested in finding more commentaries, here’s “Metacritic” for you.)

Maybe Liam’s solo career will always carry the whiff of his oafish behaviour. Maybe this will inspire Noel to remember how to write a tune if only to spite his little brother? Definitely maybe.

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