Kurt Cobain is born in Aberdeen, Washington

Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 2th, 1967 in Gray’s Harbor Community Hospital overlooking Aberdeen, Washington. He weighed 7lbs and 7.5 oz and had a darkish complexion, which soon lightened, and azure eyes that drew compliments from all that saw him.

The hospital was perched on the hill overlooking Aberdeen, a major logging town in the Pacific North-West. The view across the mouth of the Chehalis River was obscured by the chimneys and smokestacks from the town’s multitude of sawmills, pulpers and lumber yards. The population was almost exclusively employed either directly or indirectly by the logging industry, which was beginning to go into decline in the late 1960s.

Kurt Cobain’s Parents

Kurt Cobain’s father, Donald, was 21 when Kurt was born and worked as a mechanic at the Chevron garage in Hoaquin. He was described as handsome and athletic, but with a geeky quality to him, probably from his short, flat-top haircut and Buddy Holly style glasses. Kurt was said to have inherited his angular jawline from the Cobain side of the family.

Kurt’s mother was 19-year-old Wendy Cobain. The two had met in high school when Wendy was still Wendy Fradenberg, although she was more popularly known by her nickname, “Breeze”. She was described as a classic beauty, with blond locks and rosy cheeks. The two had married the previous year after Donald had borrowed his father’s car to drive to Idaho so they could marry without parental consent. Wendy had fallen pregnant just weeks after graduating high school.

Kurt Cobain’s Early Years

When Kurt Cobain was first born, the family lived near to Aberdeen in Hoaquin, a small, close-knit community. The Cobains rented a small bungalow built in the yard of another house, which accounted for the slightly strange address of 2830 1/2 Aberdeen Avenue, Hoaquin (which has since become a destination for many of Kurt Cobain’s fans) The family soon moved to the main house at 2830 Aberdeen Avenue and soon after Donald was promoted to lead mechanic at the garage, but money was always tight in the Cobain household.

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Kurt had a large extended family, with six aunts and uncles on his mother’s side and a further two uncles on his father’s side. He was the first grandchild to be born and so much fuss was made of him.

Kurt Cobain would spend over three-quarters of his life within ten miles of Gray’s Harbor Community Hospital.

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