Karaoke with Princess Diana, Jonathan Ross and Ginger Wildheart by Ray Zell

Karaoke with Princess Diana, Jonathan Ross and Ginger Wildheart

Do you remember how we mentioned that on the Planet Zell that time and weeks were a somewhat fluid concept? Well, our resident love child of Ace Frehley and The Crow has just sent us his latest post. All about him and Ginger Wildheart getting up to rockstar mischief (which we expect to be a recurring theme). But while this latest tale of daring do and rock n’ roll excess is a lovely tale, it was meant to have arrived for the 31st August and be part of his first blog post. Oh well, here it is anyway as it is a great story regardless of the date.

Karaoke with Princess Diana, Jonathan Ross and Ginger Wildheart

They say you never forget where you were or what you were doin’ when you heard that a great person has passed away. Where Diana, Princess of Wales, was concerned, myself, my ex-girlfriend, along with Ginger Wildheart, had been to a Saturday night party at LWT – London Weekend Television. Can’t remember what or who the party was for, I just remember that me and Ginge were not supposed to be there, and my ex, who worked for LWT back then, took us with her under strict instruction that we remained inconspicuous… Of course, with free booze runnin’ like, well, free booze, recollections are hazy.

I do recall meeting sharply dressed TV legend Jonathan Ross, who seemed as broad an’ tall as a door. But, most especially, I remember the Karaoke. Very pro. Little stage an’ everythin’. Mostly girls were gettin’ up, an’ they were generally amazin’; could really carry a toon. Thus, it seemed only sensible and ‘inconspicuous’ that me an’ Ginge had a go. After a brief discussion it was obvious to the pair of us that we should get up together and tackle, ‘I Got You Babe’. No, not the classic Sonny & Cher rendition, but The Dictators version from their classic debut ‘Go Girl Crazy’ album, as sung by Andy Shernoff and Handsome Dick Manitoba. Strangely, the smiles on people’s faces as we hit the stage, quickly turned to disbelief and agonised wincin’. It was like… these people could not comprehend the magic of this one-off performance by two livin’ legends.

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And then the news 🙁

And, sadly, in the wee hours, not long after the three of us collapsed back into my Kentish Town flat… we heard the tragic news about Diana on the TV. Me, I liked Di. She was beautiful and there was often somethin’ a little bit bonkers in her eyes. Screw the peasants at the LWT party, I think the Princess woulda loved mine an’ Ginger’s fine version of ‘I Got You Babe’. In retrospect, I dedicate it to her.

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