Johnny Marr releases autobiography and appears on BBC Newsnight

Smiths fans have a new reason to crack a smile and remember the touchstone band for every English indie band for the last 30 year;  Johnny Marr releases autobiography

These days it looks like everybody’s favourite band is getting back together; Pixies, Blur, and Sleater-Kinney have all recently put out new material.  Even Christine shook the dust off her favourite tambourine and boarded the tour plane with the rest of Fleetwood Mac. But for Smiths fans, the reunion tour has always been something of a pipedream. It’s been an unlikely scenario ever since the beloved malcontents disbanded in 1987, and it certainly doesn’t look as though that will be changing anytime soon.

But cheer up Smiths fans, there’s another reason to smile. Johnny Marr recently released his autobiography, Set the Boy Free, which is possibly the most Smiths-ian title to grace the cover of anything they ever wrote or recorded. Available November 3, the book chronicles the legendary guitarist’s rise to fame with the Smiths, as well as his multiple solo projects.

Find a comfy reading spot, slip on your favourite cardigan, and get your copy now.


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