Johnny Cash In Black

Is it polite to wish a happy birthday to a dead man?

If the man is Johnny Cash, we can hardly claim he isn’t with us anymore.

J. R. Cash was born 85 years ago.

He is widely known as a country singer-songwriter.

But his impact on other genres, including rock & roll, rockabilly, blues, folk, and the gospel was also significant.

In his early age, Cash was swamped with the gospel and traditional Irish music. His music teacher was the one who encouraged him to pick up the influences and process them in his own way. Johnny was only 12 at the time.

But what about his influence on other musicians? This list would be just too long. Let’s say that his music has had a way of transforming almost every single musician who ever heard it. From Bono to Bob Dylan.

A musician. An old, hardened rebel. A man in black. Happy birthday, Mr Cash.

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