John Hurt would have been 78 today

John Hurt by Walterlan Papetti

May we ask you to wish a happy birthday to John Hurt, even though he is not with us any more. He died last year, and the dates of his death and his birthday are close, but we have chosen to give John a mention on the latter.

Many respectful people from the movie world appreciated him a lot. In David Lynch’s words, he was simply the greatest actor in the world. And Jeremy Irons said: “He was an extraordinary combination as an actor. He had that amazing voice and that incredible face, completely chasmed with lines, and the most interesting mind behind that.” There’s more, but the list of praises is long, so we’ll stop here.

Because of all those people who loved to work with him, who loved him not only as a great actor but also as a great person, and because of the respectfuly long career (more the 200 movies and TV shows!), we will always remember him.

Some of his screen deaths have been most impressive.

John Hurt’s character was the first to die in Ridley Scott’s “Alien“.

He has died many times on the screen. Hell, there’s even a video compilation with his dying scenes.

In his real life, he died once, which was one time too many.  However, he left behind a lot of great roles in so many great films (Midnight express, Nineteen Eighty-four, Harry Potter, Alien, Elephant Man) – enough to remember him forever, because those are the films that are being re-watched, with an interest renewed every single time.

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And let’s never forget his Winston Smith in Michael Radford’s “1984” (I can’t think of another Winston Smith, ever since I first saw that film).

Happy birthday, John Hurt, and RIP.

Oh, and don’t you think that it was an interesting coincidence that this man had the word “hurt” in his name?

“Perhaps cinema’s greatest sufferer”, according to Rolling stone, was named – Hurt.

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