Jason X hit the cinemas 16 years ago

“How does he function with a brain that small?”

And he functions for years. And years. And years. Jason is unbeatable. He can not be killed; he only comes back stronger and more dangerous.

Jason is one of the horror icons of the 20th century, alongside Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. They are also indestructible and unkillable. As you probably know, Jason is the key villain in the “Friday 13th” film series. Actually, it’s a franchise, covering films, comic books, novels, TV shows and video games ( the recent one was a flop, but still).

It all started with 1980 film “Friday 13th”, directed by Sean S. Cunningham. Since then we had a total of nine sequels in the main series, a crossover with Freddy Krueger (from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise) and a reboot in 2009. “Friday 13th” films belong in the slasher genre, which basically means lots of blood, lots of gore and lots of bloody, gory murders! The films were critical failures, but the audience loved them. And that means money. And money means sequels.

One of the most bizarre pearls in the string was the last film of the series – “Jason X” which had its premiere 16 years ago at München Fantasy Filmfest, starring Kane Hodder as Jason. Another notable name in the cast is David Cronenberg, the Canadian director famous for films “The Fly”, “Existenz”, “A History of Violence”…

The film is set in space (!) but this twist didn’t help much. “Jason X” was hated by the critics everywhere except in the United Kingdom.

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Anyhow, if you have bothered to watch every film in the series, then hell yeah, watch this one too. Just make sure that it’s not your entry into the franchise.

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