James Williamson teaches us to be AWESOME

James Williamson

Tied with his sometime Stooges bandmate in my list of favourite guitarists EVER is James Williamson. Iggy Pop may be (ok, sure as hell IS) THE King of Detroit and Alice Cooper the Godfather, but James Williamson sure as hell has a place in the court. And here he teaches us to do cool Stooges riffs and how to get that AMAZING tone. So if you’re going to play anything from Raw Power then who better to learn from than the man behind the noise himself? So here he is in one of our Rock Star Lessons posts

Iggy and the Stooges – Raw Power

I am usually happy to bang on and on about why I love a band, musician or an album, but I’m not sure I could do better than the words of Son of BathroomWall on his vinyl blog. So read his words HERE instead (and make sure you share the love)

James Williamson Live

I adore the first two Stooges albums, I really, really do. They are Punk’s Ground Zero and getting to see Fun House performed live at Hammersmith a few years ago was one of the greatest honours ever. But it is on Raw Power that they stepped it up a level (who knew that was possible?) to produce arguably the greatest half an hour of rock n’ roll ever. While I also got to see it performed live more recently, but imagine seeing them at the time? Sadly, even criminally, there is little surviving vintage footage of James Williamson playing live with Iggy and the Stooges. But here is a bit of seriously scratchy films:

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Listening to both James and Iggy talk about the experience in this documentary clip is such a treat. They may look like just a couple of old men, but these guys were it. James Williamson. We salute you.

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Not my office desk I have a Bobblehead punk band. Handsome Dick Manitoba from the Dictators handles vocals, Dee Dee Ramone on bass and a twin guitar attack of MC5’s Wayne Kramer and of course, James Williamson

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