“It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.” Happy b-day, Indiana Jones!

There have been many media franchises throughout the past few decades. “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Die Hard”, “Lethal Weapon”, James Bond films; but there is one that was made by the creative power of two great visionaries – George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Of course, the film series in question are adventures of a fierce, brave, and charming archaeologist, Indiana Jones.

The first film, out of four released to this day, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” had its premiere on this day, 36 years ago. It was directed by Steven Spielberg and created by George Lucas, most famous for his “Star Wars” films. But you can’t have a great film without a charismatic lead actor, right?

Well, Harrison Ford made sure that Indiana Jones, or just Indy, become one of the most authentic characters in the history of the cinema. The story of the film is straightforward – it’s set in 1936, and it depicts attempts of the archaeologist and adventurer Indiana to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis do. Plain and simple, easy to say, and some would say – easy to film. But nothing could be further from the truth. The amount of charm, excitement and pure fun that can be found in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is absolutely amazing.

The influence of the Indiana Jones franchise is overwhelming. Indy himself is responsible for the creation of one of the most recognisable video games icons – Lara Croft, from the “Tomb Raider” games; also Nathan Drake from the “Uncharted” games is partly modelled after Harrison Ford. And we don’t even need to mention that every adventure film after the Raiders wanted to reach its quality.

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And failed miserably in that endeavour.

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