“I have to go home”. “You are home” -The epic tour bus scene from Almost Famous

“Blue jean baby, LA lady…”
One by one, as the band and the band-aids sing along with Elton John, the epic tour bus scene in Almost Famous unfolds.
“I have to go home.” Says William.
“You are home.”

For many of us, those words from Penny Lane illustrate the impact of music on our lives. It is a refuge, a safe place, somewhere we find ourselves. Somewhere we are home.

The inclusion of “Tiny Dancer” in Almost Famous introduced a new generation to the ear-worm song that had its beginning in the early 70s. As shown in the movie, the Elton John-Bernie Taupin classic bonded the group, if only for a short time. Brought together by the song, the feeling of being ‘home’ is the catalyst for each of them to jump in singing the words. The words you know, the tune you hum.
“Tiny Dancer” has always been the kind of song that brings back memories. A girl, a guy, a moment in time. The memories dance around for 5:09, and usually include a conscious or subconscious sing-a-long. Even if you thought the words were “Hold me closer Tony Danza,” you would still sing it out loud.

Many years and many memories later, “Tiny Dancer” still holds us close, even if we’ve had a busy day today.

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