“I Have A Cunning Plan…” Blackadder Rides Again

It was August 23, 2015, when Sir Tony Robinson, also known as S. Baldrick (S stands for “sod-off”, of course) announced that a new series of the 1980’s BBC comedy “Blackadder” is on the cards!

“I have spoken to virtually all the cast about this now. The only problem is Hugh [Laurie]’s fee. He’s a huge star now – or so he’d like to think,” said Robinson about the star of the medical drama “House”.

October 18, 2016, and the topic was re-opened. Yet again, by Tony Robinson. “I suspect if we did something else it would have to be completely different ” it would have to be something that wasn’t a six-part series, it would have to be something that would so break the mould that people wouldn’t make those kind of comparisons.”

So, is there a future for this BBC television show, the one that made it to the 16th place in the “100 Greatest British Television Programmes”, the list created by the British Film Institute?

What is the magic of the “Blackadder” anyway? Is it the script that was written brilliantly, stellar acting, lovable characters (you just can’t force yourself to hate even the cynical titular anti-hero), or just a combination of all of these elements?

Many of the fans would probably agree with us on this. It is about the ending of the final, fourth season of the series. It is a strong ending, beautifully done, which could have been embarrassingly bad!

The documentary “Blackadder Rides Again” explained that the ending wasn’t meant to be shot in slow-motio. It was a forced move. Originally, the intention was to show the cast gunned down and end, like the previous series, with all of their deaths. But the footage of the final scene was so sad that it was almost unusable. By slowing down what they had already filmed and cross-fading to a field of poppies, the editors could create a new ending, which became one of the most famous and powerful conclusions to any sitcom ever.

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Whether it comes back or not, “Blackadder” is and always will be one of the best TV shows ever made. Hell yeah! Let’s wish a warm welcome to the 5th season.

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