Helena Bonham Carter turns 52 today

Helena Bonham Carter 2011 AA

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to one of the greatest (it’s your right to disagree about this) British actresses, Helena Bonham Carter.

She had some quite memorable roles in no less memorable movies: Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd, Harry Potter, Fight Club

Not a bad list, but one item is special: let’s talk about Fight Club and unforgettable Marla Singer. You can’t forget the women who comes on the support group meeting with the cigarette asking: “This is cancer, right?”

It is impressive how brilliantly she can play the roles in different movie genres.

In Fight Club, she’s a depressed, suicidal, empty inside, self-destructive woman, and that’s all we know about her actually. It’s hard to play a character without its personal life story. You have to show a bit of soul (very complex in this case), but there are no people, situations, experiences or anything related to them. We just don’t know why she is broken.

She’s not a part of the narrator/Tyler tandem, she’s not a part of anything, she’s just… Marla. She realises that her partner is a mess (or should we say – completely crazy?), but she’s not on her own either, so, unique as she is, Marla stays with him.

Happy 52nd birthday, Helena, we hope you’ll give as some more astonishing performances!

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