Happy Birthday, Robert Allen Zimmerman

The end of the spring and early summer is a great time of the year, as most of the people would agree. But, that period in 1941 holds a special significance. Namely, one of the greatest performers that music ever begot, Bob Dylan, was born on May 24, 1941.

What could we say about this old man that hasn’t been said already? He is songwriter, singer, painter, and writer and he has been a huge influence to… Well, almost everyone who ever took a guitar and started plucking the strings. This is a man of extravagance, and yet his songs have found their way into the mass culture. They have been thrown at us from over 600 films and TV shows. (Some of which were serious blockbusters.) One of them is the memorable opening of the “Watchmen” film while the song “The Times They Are a-Changin'” is played).

Now, that’s a highly functional mishmash of quality and popularity. He even has a full-featured film inspired by his life, “I’m Not There.”

Oh yes, he is also a Nobel Prize winner. And he did his utmost to ignore it, as all of us Dylanians know.

His early inspiration were the works of such musicians like Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, but there’s hardly a musical genre that he hasn’t explored throughout his career. The most notable ones would be folk, blues, country, gospel and, of course, rock and roll. He performed with Joan Baez, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler, Johnny Cash and many, many others.

Dylan‘s influence on modern music is still strong, besides the fact that his debut album was not a huge critical success. Accolades came years later, but once they did, well, the rest was history.

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