Happy birthday, Quentin Tarantino! (The artist, not the man, that is!)

Quentin Tarantino (Berlin Film Festival 2009) 2 cropped
It’s been 55 years since Quentin Tarantino was born. But before we wish him a happy birthday, we must mention some recent issues in the Hollywood Paradise.

You’ve heared all those stories about sexual harassment and #metoo movement. (Who didn’t?) Although Quentin Tarantino is not one of the accused directors, all those scandals and affairs set out an avalanche of charges against him.

Uma Thurman accused him of having put her in a dangerous situation by forcing her to drive an unsafe car; people didn’t like him defending Roman Polanski; Jessica Chastain deprecated his using violence against female characters to make them stronger, with an argument that women don’t need abuse in order to be powerful…

If you want to read more about this, and who said what, check out Guardian’s article.

So, should we give him the honour of a birthday celebration despite all this? Hell, yeah. Because like it or not, he is one of the most iconic film directors and his movies have had a huge impact on other directors and movie lovers.

Many people have suddenly changed their mind about some directors and movies, but don’t you think that most of them just want to avoid being accused themselves for inappropriate reactions? Honestly, if you love a movie, you can’t, at one moment, just say “Actually, I don’t like it, it’s offensive.” Realising you were wrong about something takes time.

So, we are not going to even talk about what kind of a person Quentin Tarantino is. We’ve always loved his movies, we’ve never nagged about violence in his films, we’ve never criticised his stories from politically correct point of view, and we are not going to start doing it now. Sorry, we still love all those weird movies, and we wish a happy birthday to the man who made them. Set the man aside from his work.

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All of you who still dare to admire Tarantino’s movies, enjoy the videos we picked out for you.

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