The true story of Peter Criss writing Beth

Happy Birthday Peter Criss

What? Wait. Happy Birthday, Peter Criss? The one dude in Kiss that no one ever wanted to be? To quote Family Guy’s Peter Griffin “Nobody wants to be Peter Criss. Not even Peter Criss wants to be Peter Criss”. Remember that Kiss Day thing when the high school football team from Cadillac Michigan won the state championships after playing Kiss before every game, so Kiss played a gig there? Well look at the photos of all those kids in Kiss make-up. Not a sole was in Catman make-up. Maybe the weird kid that everyone shoved in the locker, but certainly none of the cool kids. But here at BathroomWall, we love the Catman. Not as much as we love Ace Frehley (obviously, but that’s a love that will never fade). But we still love the Catman all the same.

The true(ish) story of Beth

But it is because of the epic, lighter-waving power ballad extraordinaire, Beth, that we all truly learned to love the Catman. And here, in what we are sure is a 100% accurate recreation of events, we learn just how the song came about.

Peter Criss Fun Facts

  • He is the 4th most popular member of Kiss.
  • Or maybe the 3rd most popular member of Kiss if you really don’t like Gene $immon$ on account of him being such a greedy git.
  • What about Eric Carr? We all loved Eric too, so back you go to 4th or maybe 5th Peter.
  • Vinnie Vincent anyone? Don’t be mean, it’s Peter’s birthday. Let’s just say he’s more popular than Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, Bruce Kulick or Mark St John (RIP)
  • Peter got to study under Gene Krupa (his favourite person called Gene).
  • Something about his advert Rolling Stone magazine that we have all heard a zillion times.
  • Peter was the first original member to be fired/quit/FIRED/quit/fired/oh whatever guys, he was the first to depart.
  • Peter was the first of the departed original members to return (and then be fired/quit/etc twice more).
  • Along with a stellar performance in the masterpiece, Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park, Peter also appeared in a couple of episode of HBO series “Oz”
  • Gene was delighted that Beth was the band’s biggest hit, and was only too pleased to share the cash and glory with Peter.
  • The success of Beth gave a boost to sales of Destroyer. Gene is happy again.
  • We can thank Rosalie Trombley for that as she was the one that flipped over the A Side of Detroit Rock City to give it it’s first radio airplay.
  • Peter also sang Hard Luck Woman, although Paul Stanley had originally written it for Rod Stewart.
  • Gene didn’t care who sung Hard Luck Woman or Beth, so long as he got a slice of the action.
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Beth – Live in 1977

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