Happy birthday, John Travolta!

John Travolta 1997

On this day, February 18th, 1954, John Travolta was born. Even though we are not too fond of mega-famous film stars, we have to pay homage to this one.

This man has had so many movies, many of them super famous, like Saturday Night Fever. Or Pulp Fiction. Yeah, let’s talk about Vincent Vega – the guy who tends to miss all the drama because he’s sitting in the bathroom. Some really bad things happens every time he goes there. No wonder Tarantino decided that was the proper place for him to end his life.

Every person who watched the movie has noticed those repeating bathroom scenes, but some of them have seen more than funny coincidences in them. They’ve seen hidden meaning, symbolism.

Take a look at the following video. All explained!

Did you know that Tarantino initially planned to give this role to Michael Madsen? But when he saw Travolta on another project (it would be interesting if they met in a bathroom, ahem), he decided to send him the script with an added note “Look at Vincent”. Somehow, to Michael Madsen’s misfortune, he felt that Travolta would be just perfect for the part. And he was damn right.

We are going to wrap up with one of the most memorable John Travolta’s (and Uma Thurman’s) scenes. We are referring to the dancing scene, of course, although the ones with overdosed Mia are equally great. His dancing skills contributed a lot to his fame after all (remember “Grease”?)

A fan of Pulp Fiction, aren’t you? Wear it on your chest.

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