Happy birthday, John Belushi!

Jake Blues (John Belushi)

On this day, January 24th, 1949, the American actor John Belushi was born. Unfortunately, he didn’t live until 2004 to see his very own star in Hollywood Walk of Fame (not that it’s his greatest achievement!). He died in 1982, in one of those sad but all too common ways – he was found overdosed in the hotel room.

John Belushi was known as a great comedian. The Blues Brothers, his most famous film, is a comedy in itself, but John produced some more comedy during the filming process. He gave quite a headache to John Landis, the producer. As they were about to shoot a scene, Belushi simply disappeared.

“Nobody could find John,” Dan Aykroyd said in an interview. “I couldn’t find him on set or in my trailer, his trailer, anyone’s trailer. The radios were going crazy. It was 2am and we had to leave by dawn. Time and money were ticking away. I could just see $150,000 disappearing.”

So where was he?

Well, the guy went to take a nap.

The neighbourhood was dark, and when Aykroyd saw the lights in one house, he knocked the door and told the man who opened it that he was looking for a missing member of his film crew. The man said: “You’re here for John Belushi, aren’t you? He came in here an hour ago and raided my fridge. He’s asleep on my couch.”

So let’s make a little birthday party in Belushi’s honour. A party can’t rock without some good music, so here it is.

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