Happy birthday, Bruce Dickinson!

There are several vocalists in the heavy metal genre that you can recognise spot on.

Dio would be one of them. Some others are James Hetfield, Ozzy Osbourne, Serj Tankian… But only one of them got the nickname “the air-raid siren” from the band’s fans.

This vocalist is Paul Bruce Dickinson, formerly known as “Bruce Bruce” (after Monty Python sketch) and currently known as Bruce Dickinson. He is member of Iron Maiden‘s most successful lineup. He appeared on 12 studio albums of this band and cemented his reputation as one of the best metal vocalists in the entire history of the genre.

But there is so much more about this man. He is also a songwriter, musician, airline pilot, author, and broadcaster. An airline pilot? But why? Well according to Dickinson, it was the matter of respect: “I was very uncomfortable with the automatic respect accorded to me because of being in Iron Maiden. I felt I didn’t deserve respect automatically. It had to be earned. I did two things. First, I learned to fly aeroplanes, second, I quit ‘Iron Maiden’.”

So he did. Both things. Eventually, he returned to the band for the album “Brave New World”, but not before he recorded several well-received solo projects. Everything this man touches turns to gold, it seems.

He turns 59 today. So, happy birthday, Bruce Bruce! Keep making our ears bleed.

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