Happy birthday Anthony Daniels AKA C-3PO!


Today we would like to wish a very happy birthday to Anthony Daniels, who has just reached the age of 72! Or should we say to C-3PO? Remember that funny complaining droid made by Anakin Skywalker? Of course you do.

Daniels has helped a lot in developing C-3PO’s character present in eight Star Wars movies.

Considering his impact in the story plot, we can’t say he was particularly important character. Still, no one can imagine Star Wars without him. Not a chance.

And that’s the reason why Daniels plays C-3PO apart from Star Wars. It is logical, if you were Daniels and you had to make an appearance in some commercial, champagne, or as a guest at some TV show, you would also do it in in the C-3PO costume. Even if you don’t want to, people would ask you to use it.

Did you know that Daniels didn’t really want to play C-3PO? He thought it was rubbish. But after he had met George Lucas at the 20th Century Fox and saw the painting of the droid, he changed his mind. The rest is history.

Here’s Daniels talking about his experience with C-3PO.

Anthony Daniels played many other minor roles in Star Wars, but this one made him famous. In some movies Daniels was physically present, in others he just gave the voice while the character was actually a puppet, but either way he has always been C-3PO. As he said for The Guardian: “I had become fond of C-3PO and couldn’t just abandon him.”

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