Happy birthday Rowan Atkinson!

Atkinson Rowan

We suppose you all know Rowan Atkinson, and we suppose you all adore at least some of his roles. Well, wish him a very happy birthday, cause today, on December 6th, he becomes a 63-year-old man.

Mr Bean is such a popular character that people probably call Rowan Atkinson by that name even in personal life. On the street, they probably say: “Look, Mr Bean!” when they see him. It really was a hilarious role of his, but in our opinion, his role in a TV Show Blackadder is even more brilliant. Why? Because the humour is far more profound there, with so much parody and satire!

In Season 1, we can see some kind of an alternative British history of the king Richard’s III era. In the TV show, Richard III won the Battle of Bosworth Field and was then murdered by mistake, so Richard IV took the throne. His son, the unflavoured one, was played by Rowan Atkinson. Edmund, the Duke of Edinburgh, called The Blackadder, continually tries to please his father and get some more respect.

Season II reflect Queen Elizabeth’s period. Rowan Atkinson is Lord Blackadder, a distant offspring of the original Edmund Blackadder. He is cunning and bright, so different from his Season I ancestor.

And Queen Elizabeth is certainly different from the one we’ve met in history books. (Or popular books and films, for that matter.)

Season III is all about the Regency period, and Edmund Blackadder is Regent’s (Prince of Wales, a complete idiot brilliantly played by Hugh Laurie) butler.

And finally, we have the First World War in season IV. Captain Blackadder tries in all possible ways not to be killed.

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All the seasons have something in common – historical themes, sharp humour, a satirical view of society, royalty, institutions, adventures, science, war. On the other hand, they are apparently very different, which makes the TV Show even more interesting.

Rowan Atkinson played all of his roles more than brilliantly. Same thing with his fellows, but we’ll talk about them in another occasion. This is Rowan Atkinson’s day.

Happy Birthday, Blackadder.

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