Happy 68th Birthday, Mark Knopfler!

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On August 12th, 1949, the singer and guitarist of Dire Straits, the man who wrote all of their songs, was born. Happy birthday, Mark!

He has made film music, produced records, has a successful solo career… Quite a busy man!

His 27th place on the Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time was a nice acknowledgement of his skills. However, some ardent admirers think it wasn’t high enough. They claim he never got enough credit for his artistry, and we are using this opportunity to side with them.

He has been a part of many bands since the 1960’s. However, his most famous band that made him popular was born in 1997. Over 30 million copies of their fifth album, Brothers in Arms (1985) were sold. It was the best selling album in the UK Chart history. And Money for Nothing was the first music video that appeared on MTV in Britain. It was Dire Straits’ highlight.

After he hit the world with this tune, Knopfler focused on film music and made some great soundtracks.
But he wouldn’t stop the tradition of forming bands. In 1989 he made yet another one. With The Notting Hillbillies, he turned to American music scene and spiced up the sound with folk, blues and country undertones.

And then he devoted to a solo career. His first solo album, Golden Heart, was released in 1996. Another eight albums hit the air in following years, and even a new one is announced for 2018.

No matter his different excursions, Knopfler has been performing with Dire Straits from time to time. He’s a kind of a world traveler who likes to come home once in a while. If nothing, to fuel his further travels.
Knopfler’s discography and the list of awards are really long. He deserves all the respect he has, and then some more.

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