On this day: Genesis’ first gig happened in a cottage 48 years ago

Genesis (UK)

Genesis have changed their members and musical styles many times throughout the years. They’ve also had several failures. Now they have 15 studio and six live albums, many of which have reached the top spots on the UU charts. Many awards have been placed on their shelves too. In 2010 Genesis were given a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

That’s what we call a successful and eventful career. There’s so much to say about this band! However, today is September 14th, and that’s the date of their first gig, so we would like to pay some attention to that particular event.

The reason why this gig is worth remembering is the fact that it was performed at a cottage. Yup, an actual cottage, in Wotton, Surrey. They would spend the next six months there, rehearsing and enjoying the idyllic environment.

After many changes and struggles, they got together again in Surrey because the big decision had to be made. They were at that age when you have to decide which way to go. Philips and Rutherford had chosen music careers over college. Banks and Gabriel did the same, so these four recorded several demos with Silver, but no record company was interested. Silver left the band and decided to dedicate to his further education. John Mayhew replaced him, and then they came back to Surrey where they were writing and practising.

They were working hard just to have a gig at a teenage birthday party. But that was their first gig, and after that more performances followed. It helped them to meet some people from the music industry and get some offers.

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It led to the agreement with Tony Stratton-Smith in April 1970. They started working on the second album with more complex songs. The album Trespass was released in October 1970 and reached the top place in Belgium in 1971, but in the UK it was not so successful. However, over time they managed to get the worldwide success.

As we said at the beginning, now they’re a famous band with a large and respectable discography.

The name Genesis suits them perfectly, doesn’t it?


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