“Game of Thrones” actors chilling out with Tom Waits

Tom Waits 3

While all of us are still recovering from the chilling blue flames of “Game of Thrones” 7th season’s finale, a new video of the series’ arguably coolest four actors chilling out on the set has hit Instagram. We got to enjoy their rendition of Tom Waits‘ “I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You” thanks to Kristofer Hivju, better known as the charming red-haired wildling Tormund, who took part in the performance alongside Rory McCann’s (or better yet, Hound’s) hoarse vocal. Unlike his character Ser Jorah Mormont, Iain Glen obviously likes to have fun. The video shows him playing acoustic guitar to Richard Dormer’s (Beric Dondarrion) ukulele.

Hunting down a wight seems to have been quite amusing for the brilliant cast members. Or maybe they just needed to relax once they escaped the peril which killed poor Viserion, and safely landed on the Wall or south of it. Which makes us wonder if we are going to meet Tormund and Beric again. They too are wondering, if we are to believe them. In Hivju’s own words, their new album is called “What will fate brings us???”

But where is John Snow (or should we try to get used to calling him Egon)?

In some cosy place, cuddling with his aunt, probably. And hoping he won’t (hopelessly) fall in love with her.

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