The first rule of Fight Club: Break the rule and talk about Brad

Principal cast of Fight Club

We’re not about to entirely break the first rule of Fight Club (Don’t talk about Fight Club). We’ll focus on Brad Pitt and his unforgettable role.

Brad Pitt had so many film roles that it would be so damn hard to count them. But most people would agree that his leading role in David Fincher’s Fight Club was one of the most notable, maybe even his best one.

Today, this charming chap celebrates his birthday. He’s 54 years old now. (Whaaa?) But counting years is tiresome, so back to those days when he was 36.

In this 1999 movie, based of the eponymous novel by Chuck Palahniuk, Edward Norton plays the main character. Actually, we get to listen to his inner voice throughout the movie. But the soap maker Tyler Durden is equally important, even though he is “just” a product of the main character’s imagination.

Russel Crowe was the candidate for this role, but the producer Art Linson thought that Brad Pitt would be a better choice. And god, was he right! The studio supported the idea because they have realised that Brad Pitt could endow the movie with a greater commercial success. So, Brad stuck the 17.5 million dollars down his pockets and took into learning how to fight and make soap. If you think that’s easy, try putting yourself on a strict diet while you do it.

They were right about him, by the way. The guy is a mega star, people love him, and he is a really good actor, not just a good-looking one. Although the move was hit by negative criticism (too much explicit violence, they complained) and almost approached a slippery slope of failure, Fight Club managed to pull itself together. Gradually, it became popular, and the audiences eventually started considering it a masterpiece. Brad Pitt’s contribution to the rising popularity of the movie wasn’t negligible at all. And we suspect that Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter had to do something with it too.

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