Definitely Maybe: definitely among the greatest, maybe not the greatest

Many fans think Definitely Maybe is the best Oasis album. Exactly eleven years ago it was voted the greatest album of all time in a survey conducted by NME magazine to mark 50 years of the Official UK Album chart.

It was the debut album by Oasis, one of the greatest Britpop bands. Released in August 1994, it became a success immediately. No album in the UK was sold faster. Millions of copies were selling incredibly quick worldwide.

Let’s be cautious with superlatives now. Not sure it’s possible that the best album/song/band etc. could ever exist. There’s only so much music in this world, but still, you cannot just pick up one album and say it is the best. So Definitely Maybe maybe isn’t the greatest of all time, but it is for sure one of the best albums. The popularity and the positive critics are well deserved.

Nevertheless, the recording of the album was not going smoothly. The guys sweated and tried a couple of times, the results were unsatisfying, Noel was furious, they changed the producers, but eventually, the album was finished. Huge success followed. 86.000 copies were sold in the first week after the release on 29th August.

The shining optimism of Definitely Maybe was a bit strange in the era of grunge but was very welcome.

Four singles were released – Supersonic, Shakermaker, Live Forever and Cigarettes&alcohol. Slide Away was considered as the fifth single, but Noel Gallagher said he’s changed his mind because “You can’t have five off a debut album.“

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