Def Leppard celebrates the 30th anniversary of Hysteria

One of the most iconic hard rock bands of the colourful 80’s celebrates the 30th anniversary of their best-selling album, Hysteria.

(Hard rock? Metal? Pop rock? 80’s were damn tough for genres. Commercial undertones used to mingle with everything.)

Not only did they tour the U.S. this spring (alongside Poison and Tesla), but they are also reissuing (or re-reissuing) their best sold album in a special box set, digitally remastered, containing five CDs replete with B sides, live sound, extended versions. Not to mention two DVDs with promo videos and bonus materials. Quite a treat for Def Leppard‘s die-hard fandom.

Hysteria may or may not be their greatest album. Many fans might opt for Pyromania, which was released four years earlier, whereas aficionados usually prefer the earlier, glam-free sound of On Through The Night (1980). But Hysteria marked a glorious comeback in this band’s history, considering the fact that their drummer, Rick Allen, had lost his left arm in a car accident in 1985. But it wasn’t an obstacle. On the contrary, this incident even provided an inspiration for the album’s name.

There are two things we keep regretting. First, we’ll never be able to see them again in their former glory, as formidable Steve Clark left this world in 1991. We can enjoy Vivian Campbell’s mastery now, but it’ll never be the same without Steve.

The second thing (not less important to mention) is their fondness for commercial scene. Doing glam metal (much as they opposed the label) in the 80’s was one thing. Those were glam years, after all. Some history was written back then. Pursuing commercial success is utterly understandable. We are not talking garage bands here. But playing alongside Taylor Swift is quite another thing. No need for it, dearest Leppards. Listen to us Leppardians.

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Anyway, the first reissue of Hysteria was released 10 years ago, around the album’s 20th anniversary.

Fast forward 10 years from now, we hope to get a cyber-mega-box set with even more awesome materials.

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