The day when the Foo Fighters’s friendship with David Letterman began


On August 14th, 1995, Foo Fighters had their network television debut as guests of the Late Show with David Letterman. They played This Is a Call.

Dave Grohl had loved this show since he was a child, so he must’ve been delighted to perform there that night. Letterman himself liked that debut performance, and they would become good and close friends afterwards. When Letterman was in the hospital five years later, he was listening to Foo Fighters’ Everlong and after he got better and came back to the show, he asked them to come and play it. Foo Fighters were so honoured that they cancelled all their plans to attend the show. Grohl himself confirmed that for Entertainment Weekly.

Anyways, back to August 1995 and This is a Call. Foo Fighters were a new band back then, and This Is A Call was their first single. Grohl was still under Nirvana’s influence which was notable mostly in his voice; he sounded a little bit like Kurt Cobain. Also, their sound was kind of rough compared to some of their later work. Now we know them as a band with the unique style and, thanks to Letterman or not, as a famous group with a decent fan base.

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