On This Day: Ewan McGregor celebrates his 47th birthday

Ewan McGregor 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) color

On March 31st, 1971, the famous Scottish actor Ewan McGregor was born.

If you are a Star Wars fan, you also know him as Obi-Wan Kenobi – Anakin Skywalker’s master.

When he heard about the plans for the new Star Wars movies, he said he was willing to come back to this famous saga if someone asked him.

And he did show up in Episode VII: The Force Awakens – at least his voice was there, in Ray’s visions.

Star Wars fans are probably happy to hear that this might not be the end, because there’s another project of LucasFilm, more than one actually. The first would be Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We don’t see why they wouldn’t include Obi-Van’s character in this story. Okay, Solo has never met Obi-Van in the previous Star Wars movies, but we are sure they can find the way around that problem. If not, they can make the movie about Obi-Vans’ story, why not?

Fans are already hoping for that, there were a lot of comments about McGregors appearance at the last year’s Golden Globes ceremony when he received the award for the best actor for the role in third season of the TV show Fargo. (Off-topic alert: if you haven’t seen Fargo yet, it’s about time to watch it!) On that ceremony McGregor really looked like Obi-Van with his recognizable beard and hear cut.

He said he would be happy to play Obi-Van again, so it’s up to LucasFilm. Come on, guys, give him a chance to be a Jedi Master again and make the loyal Star Wars fans happy!

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