David Bowie deep album cuts

David Bowie – NOT Greatest Hits

David Bowie deep album cuts

I like straight forward things. AC/DC and Ramones are straightforward. Cheese and pickle sandwiches are straight forward. Walking the dog, riding a bike and falling off logs are all also nice straightforward things. Something that isn’t straight forward? Trying to pull a playlist of David Bowie deep album cuts. But we did it anyway…

As usual, there’s nothing from any of the David Bowie Best Of albums – so no Space Oddity, no Jean Genie, no Man Who Sold The World etc.

The Playlist


Where did we start?

When we asked our social media following about any of the NOT Greatest Hits playlists, there were plenty of people asking rhetorically “where do you start?”. I haven’t bought into that. The Rolling Stones sound like the Rolling Stones. Sure, there are different periods and a shift in tone, but in the main, The Stones are essentially the same band today that they were in 1963 – or at least certainly post Andrew Loog Oldham and Brian Jones.

If you like AC/DC, you may have a preference for Bon over Brian. However, it’s still not a tricky task to come up with your favourite underplayed and underappreciated songs. Even Queen, famed for their diversity kept things relatively simple. They may have gone off a made a disco-inspired album, but they still managed to fill it with guitar-driven rock n’ roll songs. But David Bowie? Nothing so straight forward as a bit of deviation.

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The many faces of David Bowie

Mod scenester, Singer/Songwriter, alien, glam rocker, punk producer, soul singer, European minimalist, New Romantic, classical artist, popster, lounge singer, raver and even a front man for a pseudo-heavy metal band. And all carried off with a panache that few have come close to. (Prince maybe, but beyond that, I’m struggling). All were David Bowie, and all have their fans. It will come as little surprise that I’m happiest between Hunky Dory and Diamond Dogs.  Others will adore other periods in his career. I’m not sure there is a right or wrong answer (although I did see Tin Machine live and they were pretty awful) Either way, despite plenty of compilation albums, he recorded so much material that there is no shortage of David Bowie deep album cuts to choose from.

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