Chris Catalyst from Eureka Machines teaches us to play “Zero Hero”

In the latest of our “Guitar Lessons With Rock Stars“, Chris Catalyst from the Eureka Machines tells us how to play Zero Hero, from their second album (and my favourite) Champion The Underdog.

Chris Catalyst

We love Chris Catalyst. And when you look at what he’s been up to over the years it is easy to see why.. James Brown? Pah! Chris Catalyst is the hardest working man in show business and if James Brown was alive, he’d know it too.

Chris is probably best known in his own right for being the founder of and singer/guitarist in the awesome Eureka Machines. His work with a zillion other cool bands and artists has earned him plenty of other loyal fans too. In no particular order, these include. Sisters of Mercy, Ugly Kid Joe, Mariachi El Bronk, Terrorvision, Scaramanga Six, AntiProduct, Pato Banton, Rankin Roger, The Dead Beats and the real reason we all love him so much… his work with Geordie genius Ginger Wildheart. Hell, The Eureka Machines even appeared on Emerdale. For non-UK readers, Emerdale is a long running British soap opera set in a rural farming village with a pub, a vet and precious little else – see below

Eureka Machines

For those of you new to Chris Catalyst, the Eureka Machines are probably the place to start.

Ginger Wildheart

Chris was also a key element in the recording of Ginger Wildheart’s 555% and it’s distilled version, 100%.  If you are one of the 7 people and a dog that don’t know it, 555% Ginger’s ground breakin’, earth shakin’,  record breakin’ triple album that put Pledge Music on the map. If you like Pledge Music, then you have Ginger to thank. Before Pledge became the place for major labels to improve cash flow by taking money up front for re-released and special edition albums, it was a place where true artists connected with fans. Ginger was the first artist to really “get” it’s potential and with the help of Chris and co, made a true master piece. The triple 555% was only available to Pledgers, but 100% is sill about and is available in the usual places.

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<a href=”″ title=”Chris Catalyst, Rich Jones and Ginger Wildheart go all a bit Kiss in 2012″><img src=”” width=”800″ height=”516″ alt=”Trudi Knight Photography // bandsonstage: Ginger Wildheart Band 17/12/12 &emdash; Ginger Wildheart Birthday Bash 2012″ /></a>


Going Solo

In 2017 Chris recorded and released his first solo album, Life Is Often Brilliant. You can buy it in all the usual paces and stream it here on Spotify.

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