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Giving Tuesday – Samaritans Charity Christmas Cards

Do you still send Christmas cards? We do hope so, as cards are so much nicer than a text or a Facebook message. I know that there are people out there that delight in joylessly emailing the whole office or posting on social media something pious like “I will not be sending Christmas cards this year and will instead be donating the money to charity”. Well, aren’t you wonderful… aside from the fact we all suspect the majority of people that say that never actually get round to the donation, it’s just so miserable. So how about being able to send an awesome rocking Christmas card and being able to give to a charity? That’s where our Charity Christmas Cards come in…


Usually, only a tiny percentage of charity Christmas card proceeds go to the charity itself – even with the big name charities we all know and trust. But not in this case. 100% of the sale price of our cards is going to our chosen cause. As in every last penny. Not a proportion of profits. We are not talking about a measly few pennies on each card nor just the profit after expenses, but every single last bean. BathroomWall is even covering the cost of printing them. So if you buy £10 worth of Christmas cards then we send the Samaritans £10.

And which charity are we supporting? That would be The Samaritans. More specifically, we have chosen a branch that is not only local to us down here in Kent, but one that has a specific and urgent need. So let them explain…

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The Samaritans – Folkestone, Dover and Hythe

“Samaritans’ save lives from suicide. They do this mainly by answering ‘phone calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from people struggling to cope. Some people call when they are literally at the edge. Seconds can make the difference between life or death. A person desperately reaching out needs help immediately.

But up on the White Cliffs of Dover, distressed people who call Samaritans’ UK Freephone number often connect to a French ‘phone provider. Instead of Samaritans’ greeting, ‘Samaritans… can I help you?’ they get a provider message, then silence, or just ‘no service’. A local ‘phone system to reach people at high risk is urgently needed. As a famously beautiful coastline, there are costs involved in placing or disguising additional phone masts – extra costs a commercial operator will not cover.

We want to ensure that anyone in trouble on the White Cliffs of Dover can connect directly via a UK operator when they use their phone to find help. This project will save real lives!

Getting help in an emergency ought to be a right. In the White Cliffs area of Dover, however, it is less a right than a random, circuitous and potentially life-threatening process.”

And there’s more…

You can also help earn the cause even more too – if you buy anything else on at BathroomWall T-shirts while you are buying your cards, then you can have the choice of 2 discount codes.

ALLABOUTME” – gives you 15% off your entire order.

PAYITFORWARD” gives The Samaritans that 15% along with the proceeds from the Christmas cards.

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100% your choice. No pressure… Just enter your choice of code when you check out. And yes, a pack of cards does count towards the 4 items needed for free shipping.

Designed by Ray Zell

We put our friendly alien from the Planet Zell to work on the design and here’s the result… He donated the artwork for free and it is exclusive to BathroomWall.

Giving Tuesday?

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, right? Those days when news reports and social media posts switch between the mega bargains you can pick up and footage shot on mobile phones that looks like the result of WWE replacing collapsable prop chairs with shopping trollies and steroid abusers with usually mild-mannered suburban housewives. Yes, we all love saving a few Pounds/Dollars/Euros/Yen. However, what does it say for us as a species when these invented shopping days are marked more prominently in diaries than your dad’s birthday? Giving Tuesday was set up to encourage a bit of reflection. To reign back on the avarice and excess. To give something back to those that might need help more than we need a new iPhone. So buy a pack of Samaritans Charity Christmas Cards and you will help save lives.

But what about the environmental cost?

Fair question. All our Samaritans Charity Christmas Cards are printed on 300gsm and company we use to print them have an excellent environmental policy allowing us carbon-neutral shipping

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