Celebrating Eric Idle’s 75th birthday

Eric Idle with Guitar

Laughing time! It’s Eric Idle ’s birthday, and when you think abut him – you can’t help laughing. Or at least smiling.

He’s one of the most valuable Pythons, a really precious talent!

He was particularly good with language games. Remember the man who speaks only the ends of words, and the one speaking only the middle parts? Or the guy who speaks in anagrams?

We are not implying that other types of jokes are easy, but one thing is certain – those language tricks demands really great talent. And good lord, how can someone remember so many sentences made of anagrams! Hats off.

And all those monologues! Remember Travel Agency and Mr Smoketoomuch who can’t say the letter B? (Language games again!) Try to repeat at least half of all those complaints, and if you succeed, hats off to you too!

Asked to defines a good joke, he said: “Comedy is like algebra: A + B = laugh. It’s about language: defining what you’re showing people, then revealing something they haven’t seen. If you don’t bring in the reveal at the right time, or you haven’t set it up properly, they won’t laugh. It’s a magic trick, really.”

Magic trick, indeed.

Idle also made some of the most recognizable pieces of music for Pythons. We’ll just say ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE! Have you started singing already? Keep singing, and whistling if you know how to do that.

Happy Birthday, Eric Idle, and thank you for all those hours of laughing… and crooning.

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