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They Are Walking. And They Are Dead.

Zombies. They became extremely popular in recent years. Movies, video games, TV shows…. Slow ones, fast ones, you name it, we have it. People are obsessed with the living dead. A long time has passed since John Romero’s underground horror flicks. Zombies are mainstream now.

Do you need a better proof for this than the fact that the recent Call of Duty games have got a mandatory zombie mod? Yes, mainstream.

“You f*** up once, you lose two teeth.” Anthony ‘Tony’ Soprano Sr.

And much more than teeth, obviously.

Ten years, two days have passed since the premiere of the final episode of one of the best TV shows in the modern American television. It’s HBO’s “The Sopranos”.

6 seasons and 86 episodes and not a single miss.

Yippee Ki – Yay, Bruce!

One of the greatest action film stars of all time turns 62 today. Is it Arnold Schwarzenegger? Nope. Is it Sylvester Stallone? No, no. The man is Bruce Willis. And he is not only an actor, he is also a very competent singer. Not great, but decent. Except for being best known for his roles of tough, […]

Let’s mash the MASH

34 years ago now… February 28 was a sad day for many fans of one of the best and longest TV shows in the history of American television. On that day final episode of “MASH” was broadcast. A TV show that lasted eleven years and as many seasons and in that time it was nominated for […]

Frasier Grammer Is Listening

Kelsey Grammer turns 62 today. This American actor, voice actor, comedian, producer, director, writer, singer, and activist is most famous for his brilliant portrayal of a psychiatrist, doctor Frasier Crane in long-lasting and beloved NBC’s sitcom “Frasier“. This TV show had eleven seasons long run and is still considered one of the best sitcoms ever made, […]

“Game of Thrones” – Summer Is Coming

What do you see when you look at your calendar? Jun 25th surely seems like it’s still very far away. Actually, if you are a normal person it’s just a couple of months, but for every true “Game of Thrones” fan, it’s an eternity. The TV show’s seventh season’s premiere will happen on that date. After […]

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