Not Greatest Hits

Not Greatest Hits

There is so much music available, yet Spotify's latest stats say we just aren't hearing it. That we are still just listing to singles and compilations and playlists of "greatest hits". Why does that matter?  Because it means the pleasure of discovering deep album cuts is now lost on today's listeners.


Despite the resurgence of vinyl, the sad fact is... albums don't sell anymore. Not in the multi-platinum days of old anyway. Although there are some exceptions, most of the formerly great record buying public, now just stream their music. When they are prepared to pony up to buy it outright, more often than not it is either for individual tracks or compilation albums. And that is where this idea stemmed from. It is because Supernaut is not on even the expanded Black Sabbath "Ultimate Collection". So this is our response to all those "Best Of" albums that are all too often anything but (not that that Sabs compilation is anything other than awesome).


Those new to a band have those deep album cuts available, but they aren't being listened to. As for new artists, surely they will eventually just stop crafting those album tracks altogether and just pump out the singles. Some will say that is good and it will keep the quality high. But we disagree. We want to hear the experiments and the process. Let us hear the ones you loving crafted and the hidden gems. Sure, there is plenty of filler about, but doesn't that make finding the gems even more special? We want the obscure and the outtakes.

Hitting The Playists

So we are targeting all those online playlists that are little more than an arbitrary list of "best known" tracks.  What about the songs that weren't used for TV commercials, over the credits of a movie or diegetically in your favourite Netflix show? What about the tracks that weren't released as singles on the whim of a soulless suit at the record company?


With no physical album and a "next track" button now only a shout of "Alexa" away, how do people discover the great deep album cuts? Even the artists seem to forget them. Out on the road, artists will play new material, but rarely an entire album's worth. Especially when they have to squeeze in their "greatest hits" too into what is increasingly likely to be no more than an hour or so's performance. So it is a good job we are here to save the day and put this right... one by one, going to go through our (and hopefully your) favourite bands and artists and put together their Not Greatest Hits playlists.

Wildhearts image by Trudi Knight

Wildhearts – NOT Greatest Hits

As the sheer joy of the new Wildhearts album continues to sink in, we turn this week’s NOT Greatest Hits to explore the Wildhearts deep album cuts as well as those of the extended Wildhearts Family. That means anything recorded by anyone that has ever been an official member of the Wildhearts. If anyone is […]

Ramones NOT Greatest Hits

Ramones – NOT Greatest Hits

Ramones deep album cuts For every Rockaway Beach or Rock N Roll High School, Ramones recorded dozens of deep album cuts that never saw the light beyond their two minutes on vinyl. While we know and treasure those first four albums, we all too often forget the rest. That with Phil Spector on board, End […]

David Bowie deep album cuts

David Bowie – NOT Greatest Hits

David Bowie deep album cuts I like straight forward things. AC/DC and Ramones are straightforward. Cheese and pickle sandwiches are straight forward. Walking the dog, riding a bike and falling off logs are all also nice straightforward things. Something that isn’t straight forward? Trying to pull a playlist of David Bowie deep album cuts. But […]

ACDC Deep Album Cuts

AC/DC – NOT Greatest Hits

Coming up with an AC/DC NOT Greatest Hits playlist has been a blast. Along with our followers on social media, we have gone through the AC/DC deep album cuts and the boxsets to put together our AC/DC’s NOT Greatest Hits playlist.  So as usual, there are not of the heavy hitters. No Whole Lotta Rosie, […]

Beatles NOT Greatest Hits - Beatles deep album cuts

THE BEATLES – NOT Greatest Hits

Just imagine if anyone had recorded any of these Beatles tracks? They wouldn’t be album tracks. No one else could have left them behind as studio outtakes. But this is The Beatles

Queen Deep Album Cuts - Queen Not Greatest Hits

QUEEN – Not Greatest Hits

It’s A Beautiful Day here at BathroomWall as we take on the latest episode of Not Greatest Hits. Last time we looked at the Rolling Stones, but in this one with a delve into Queen deep album cuts. In Not Greatest Hits we go beyond the “best of” collections. In the case of Queen, we […]

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