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Paul McCartney Meets John Lennon of The Quarry Men

It was Saturday, July 6th, 1956 and John Lennon’s skiffle group, The Quarry Men, were playing Woolton Village Church Garden Fete. In the audience, lured along by his friend at the promise of lots of pretty Paul McCartney.

15-year-old Paul McCartney obviously impressed John Lennon when they were introduced and he was soon asked to join, later joined by his friend George Harrison. It was the start of something very special.

Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones is Born

Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones was born in the town’s Park Nursing Home on February 28th 1942, the first child for Lewis Blount Jones, an aircraft designer, and Louisa Beatrice Jones, a piano teacher. The Jones were a well-to-do, middle class family, living in a nice house in a good neighborhood of a nice, middle class town. Not the background you would expect for a man that would become synonymous with the excesses of the 1960s

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