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Guns N’ Roses meets Pandora Peroxide

I GOTTA hand it to Guns N’ Roses – they always make me look good

Robert Johnson, “the man who sold his soul”

To the Devil. On the crossroads. Hopefully, this story is just the legend. Or is it. Does anyone have the right to make such soul crushing music without some secret pact with the Prince of Darkness? Nah, it can’t be truth. But that interpretation of the Faustian legend is so interesting and captivating that we […]

Re-listening Tom Waits and his “Mule Variations”

On April 16 1999, Thomas Alan Waits (Tom Waits for friends) released his twelfth studio album, Mule Variations – one of the two albums that would bring him Grammy Awards (the other one would be Bone Machine). Tom Waits is an American singer-songwriter, composer, and actor with a unique singing voice. By unique, I mean […]

The Number of the Beast – 36th anniversary

It’s been nearly 38 years, and we’re old enough to cherish the memory. On April 14, 1980, British band Iron Maiden released their first studio album, aptly named – Iron Maiden. But today we also want to recall March 22, 1982. That was the date when their third album, The Number of the Beast was […]

“Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather…” – Remembering Velvet Underground & Nico

50 (and one) years ago, one of the most influential bands released one of the most influential albums ever. The band is The Velvet Underground, and the album is, of course, their debut, The Velvet Underground & Nico. Velvet Underground were a New York-based band. Considering that, it might or might not have been a […]

Trickfinger? Yes he is. Happy b-day, John Frusciante!

John Anthony Frusciante turned 48 today. This American guitarist, singer, producer and composer is widely considered as one of the most recognisable guitarists in modern rock music. Truth be told, Frusciante is most famous for his work with the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the list of bands and musicians he has worked with […]

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