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Santana’s (not Devadip’s) 70th birthday

Happy 70th B-day, Devadip Santana!

No one is innocent, but Sex Pistols just had to say it an awkward way

No One Is Innocent was recorded by Paul Cook and Steve Jones, the two guys who remained after Sex Pistols fell apart. The lack of a lead vocalist was solved in a very original way. They took Ronnie Biggs to play the part.

Good old Space Oddity (in and out of space)

One of the most famous David Bowie’s songs hit the air for the first time on this day, 48 years ago.

The Song That Caused R.E.M’s Breakthrough

36 years old today… Or 38? There are two different versions of the very first single of R.E.M. The first one is from 1981, and the second one is two years younger. While recording the first version of the song, Michael Stipe didnâ’t have a complete lyrics. When he would play it live, he used to […]

Patti Smith tours Europe in July

After a short break, Patti Smith continues her 2017 tour in Europe in July.

Happy 72nd birthday, Blondie!

Angela Tremble, also known as Deborah Ann Harry, and also known as Debbie Harry (that’s it, I promise) celebrates her 72nd birthday today.