Chris Catalyst from Eureka Machines teaches us to play “Zero Hero”

In the latest of our “Guitar Lessons With Rock Stars“, Chris Catalyst from the Eureka Machines tells us how to play Zero Hero, from their second album (and my favourite) Champion The Underdog. Chris Catalyst We love Chris Catalyst. And when you look at what he’s been up to over the years it is easy to […]

James Williamson teaches us to be AWESOME

James Williamson Tied with his sometime Stooges bandmate in my list of favourite guitarists EVER is James Williamson. Iggy Pop may be (ok, sure as hell IS) THE King of Detroit and Alice Cooper the Godfather, but James Williamson sure as hell has a place in the court. And here he teaches us to do […]

Ace Frehley

Ace Frehey teaches you how to trash a hotel room

Rock Star Lessons with Ace Frehley Forget whether or not you like Kiss and put aside your thoughts on Gene $immon$. I don’t care if you want to bad mouth Paul Stanley because of some rumour you may believe. Because Ace Frehley is where it’s at. Ace Frehley is just amazing, Ace is my hero. […]

Slash teaches us to play Slither by Velvet Revolver

Slash Guitar Lesson In our first “Guitar Lessons With Rock Stars” post of course we had to go with Slash. Why? You really need to ask why? Because he’s a bone fide goddamn rock n’ roll guitar hero. That’s why. Actually, that’s not entirely why. It’s also because he is a bone fide goddamn rock […]

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