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A Head That Needs To Be Erased

In his long and fruitful career, David Lynch has made an impact on the film industry with many highly original and critically acclaimed films. Lynch is a true renaissance man, a true artist. He directs, writes screenplays, produces films, but also paints, shoots photos, composes and – sings. He is well known for a surrealistic […]

33 years ago today the world got to see Spinal Tap for the first time

Where the demons dwell, where the banshees live and they do live well

“This Is Your Life, And It’s Ending One Minute At A Time”

This is your life, Chuck. True enough, it’s ending one minute at a time, just like all of our lives. Nevertheless (and all the more), we wish you a happy 55th birthday! Chuck who? Chuck Palahniuk, the guy responsible for one of the greatest cinema phenomena of the nineties. He is the author of the award-winning novel “Fight […]

Kubrick: Art and Prophecies

When you gaze upon the works of Michelangelo from around 1500 it does not matter when it was made, it is purely good art that has stood the test of time. The Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey released in 1968 is another piece of fine art that […]

“We got places all over the place” – Nice Guy Eddie

They sure do, even after almost 25 years. Quentin Tarantino’s feature-length début film, “Reservoir Dogs”, still draws attention and for that fact, it is in the programme of 2017 Sundance Film Festival. This film has a cult classic status, and why wouldn’t it? “Reservoir Dogs” has all the necessary elements – superior writing, inspired directing and […]

BBC Two premiers new David Bowie documentary

It may have flown right under your radar, but last weekend BBC Two premiered David Bowie: The Last Five Years on Saturday night. The documentary covers, as the title suggests, the artistâ’s last five years on Earth, including the release of his comeback album The Next Day, the creation of his final album Blackstar, and […]

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