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Every time a bell rings, an angel get’s their wings

It’s Christmas Eve so what on earth are you doing online read this? Put on It’s A Wonderful Life and hug someone you love. Happy Christmas people x

Yippe Kay Yay

The world is split into two sorts of people – those that agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie and those that are wrong

If you’ve never seen Bad Santa then what’s wrong with you?

Get the whiskey in and give Mrs Santa’s sister a call, it’s Bad Santa time

Bad Santa 2 is OUT TODAY – let the party begin (warning, trailer is NSFW)

Wooo hoooo… the sequel to one of the three greatest Christmas movies ever made is out today

The Ramones star in Rock N Roll High School

Today is the 12th November, a date which has absolutely no connection to The Ramones. But will that get in the way of us posting a clip of them? Of course not. You never need an excuse to play The Ramones.

Big Lebowski – the Dude still abides

With talk of a Big Lebowski sequel, how about we revisit the original…

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