Bathsheba by Ray Zell

Welcome to the archives of Bathsheba by Ray Zell - the creator of Kerrang! Magazine's Pandora and original rock n' roll siren, Pandora Peroxide

So who is Bat'?

Bathesheba Wall, the celestial outcome of a party with Joan Jett and Dr Who over at Lemmy's place. Dossin' around in her eternal cosmic merch shop with it's revolving door into rock n' roll time. Floating in it's own zone, Bat' is the visited, lettin’ rockstars come to her for help shaping their preordained destinies...

So who'll be next through the door? Maybe Ozzy from ’72 and Gene Simmons from ’76 could walk through at the same time in different times, but, arrive in the shop together... Who knows?

No need to make an appointment as Bat' is out visitin' her favourite granddad, Mick, in the home for retired rock writers, then you can just come back an hour ago. But she's never far away and if she's not quitting smoking, she'll just be sippin' tea with her pals.

Whitfield Crane Ugly Kid Joe - Ultimate Mixtape

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Whitfield Crane

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape Project – Episode 2 When I came up with the killer idea for my Cosmic Mixtape Project in a quest for the ultimate mixtape, even with my persuasive charms, and so many rock stars dropping in and out of my cosmic merch store, I knew it would take a bit of a kick […]

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Pandora Peroxide

Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape – Episode 1: Pandora Peroxide Hey there! Welcome to the first in what is meant to be at least a semi-regular feature… Bathsheba’s Cosmic Mixtape. It’s meant to be a nice n’ easy concept to follow, but hey, this is about rock stars, so let’s not take anything for granted just yet… So […]

Bathsheba Wall by Ray Zell - Episode 2

Episode 2 – Stairways and Highways

BATHSHEBA WALL (AND HER REVOLVING DOOR IN ROCK N’ ROLL TIME) – EPISODE 2 – By Ray Zell Welcome to the latest episode of Bathsheba Wall (and her revolving door in rock n’ roll time) by the creator of Kerrang magazine’s Pandora Peroxide, Ray Zell So that’s where Jimmy Page REALLY got the idea for […]

Bathsheba Wall from the creator of Pandora Peroxide

Bathsheba Wall (and her revolving door in rock n’ roll time) – Episode 1

Episode One – where our heroine helps an old mate out with some make-up tips and helps write a few lyrics

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