Carrie Fisher would have been 61 today

On October 21st, 1956, Carrie Fisher was born. She was probably best known as an actress, but she was a writer and humorist as well.

At the end of the last year, on December 27th, she passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest. A sad day for all the Star Wars fans, who will remember her impersonation of Princess Leia.

But her acting career didn’t begin or end with the great soap opera.

Carrie Fisher 2013

She started her career as a film actress in 1975 at the age 18. Only two years after her debut in the film Shampoo, she was the lucky girl to get the role in Star Wars. It was Episode IV: The New Hope, and we all know she did a great job there. One of the most famous and best-loved Star Wars characters was born.

The male Star Wars fans were undoubtedly delighted to see her on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine in 1983 when she got back to Star Wars business. She was wearing a bikini. Of course. What other way can you choose to promote the film when you have a good looking actress, right?

Shampoo aside, her acting career started with Star Wars, and it turned out that it would also end with it. Her last film was Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which has yet to be seen.

Her role in The Blues Brothers was also the amazing one, even though it has remained in the shadow of Star Wars and some of her other films.

All the time she was trying to kill Jake and Elwood Blues, to no avail. The role was well played, indeed.

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Carrie Fischer was a great woman and an amazing actress. The list goes on: a committed fighter for animal rights, LGBT population and women’s rights advocate, financial donator to many AIDS and HIV organisations, as well as the member of the International Bipolar Foundation – an organisation dedicated to those who suffer from the disease that she was also fighting.

Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher. We dearly miss you.

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