Bloody Roots Indeed!

An interested and important album was released 21 years ago. This day saw the release of the sixth studio album of Brazilian metal masters “Sepultura”.

“Roots” meant revolution, something wild and crazy, but also something thoroughly enjoyable. This album also earned its place in the history as a turning point in this band’s career. “Roots” was the last “Sepultura” album with Max Cavalera doing the lead vocals. He was to be replaced by Derrick Green.

In a way, this was a sort of experimental album. Nonetheless a great one.

Mixing the Brazilian music with heavy metal gave it an unusual sound, to say the least. The thing that struck my ears in the most intriguing way back then was “Ratamahatta”. In the pre-internet era, my friends and I could only guess what the hell this song is about.

Well, today, in the internet era, people are still guessing!

And here is what Max C said last year about this album’s roots. “The mixing of world music and metal was non-existent until ‘Roots’, so I think ‘Roots’ changed the way people look at how to make a metal record with an adventurous spirit. I feel that ‘Roots’ inspired bands like ‘System of a Down’, ‘Slipknot’, ‘Melechesch’, ‘ACYL’, etc., or so I have been told by many of these musicians. It opened the doors for me as an artist to continue to explore metal with world music.”

Ironically, Max and Igor Cavalera, two founding members of “Sepultura”, are not in the band anymore. But hey, there is always “Cavalera Conspiracy”, right?

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