blaxploitation playlist

Blaxploitation Playlist

Blaxploitation Movies

Really? A bunch of white guys from South East England talking about Blaxploitation? Yep, we know it’s not our place to discuss the roll of Blaxploitation movies in urban black American culture. But whatever you might feel about their cultural significance or cinematic quality, we can all agree on one thing. The music. Some of the best soundtracks ever to hit vinyl, let alone just of the 70’s, were born from the genre.


Just look at some of the tracks we’ve picked out here. You’ll know a lot of the tracks far better than you know the films. Superfly, Across 110th Street, Shaft… all immense music behind somewhat patchy films. When Tarantino made his homage to Blaxpoitation cinema with Jackie Brown, it’s safe to say he did it as much for a chance to wheel out another cracking soundtrack as anything else. Even other examples of exploitation cinema couldn’t help themselves leaning on the music. Bruce Lee’s groundbreaking crossover hit, Enter The Dragon is dripping with wah-wah pedal (not to mention the addition of Jim Brown to the cast). Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels used James Brown’s The Boss when it made Hatchet Harry’s strip club look every bit as seedy and dangerous as anything Harlem in the 70’s could muster.

Iconic Sountracks

Then take a look at the iconic original soundtracks everyone seems to think of when discussing them. Put aside the contrived compilation style ones so popular today – we’re talking Saturday Night Fever, Grease and the like. Few of them have a track on them as sublime at Bobby Womack’s Across 110th Street. Even those top to bottom classic soundtracks like The Harder They Come or Purple Rain owe more than a small debt to Shaft.

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Anyway, enough of our ramblings as this really is a time to let the music do the talking.

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