BathroomWall Workshop Jukebox Spotify Playlist – Volume One

So many great artists inspire what we do at BathroomWall T-shirts that we thought we’d invite you to join in with our BathroomWall Workshop Jukebox.

Welcome to Volume I

BathroomWall Workshop Jukebox Spotify Playlist – Volume One: We barely knew where to start with volume one, so we just threw tracks at it like a toddler throws tantrums – no reason, just because. Rock, punk, soul, singer/songwriter and more. There’s some of our favourite artists and few that just came to us at the time. There are deep album cuts and outtakes alongside the singalong smash hit singles. New bands like our buddies in The Struts sit next to stadium-fillers like Bruce Springsteen and the Foo Fighters. Pioneers like James Brown and underground cult acts such as the criminally underrated Redd Kross who kick us off. So hit play and we hope you enjoy.

Everybody Wants Some!!

More To Come…

We’ll regularly be adding new playlists. Some will be themed, others will have a link with a prize to whoever spots it and of course, others will just be cracking tunes as selected by us. We may even let Zell loose to come up with lord only knows what. So tune in the BathroomWall Workshop Jukebox Spotify Playlist – Volume One and enjoy because here’s plenty more still to come.

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